Friday, February 8, 2013

Last night at Connor O'Neill's

This is my first blog ever. I decided to start blogging because things like the following story happen all the time. Most of the stories are funny, some are scary, now and then they may be tragic.

This one happened last night (2/7/13) in Ann Arbor.

Playing at Conor O'Neill's last night, this pretty, petite, dark haired girl (maybe 21) tried to grab my microphone while I was singing Bob Seger's, Night Moves. Had to stiff arm her and said, "Please don't do that." At the end of the song she stuck her face 10" in front of my face to try and sing into the mic. I stopped the song and said, "Please stop that you're spitting in my face." She went away and moments later I saw her complaining to Danny the bartender.

You could tell he didn't have time to talk to her so he made some comment and she went away from the conversation seemingly pleased. Then she left the bar entirely after flipping me off with both middle fingers and screaming, "YOU SUCK!"

Danny is like - off the boat Irish. He has a thick brogue, and appears shy at first until you get to know him. When I went on break I said, "Hey Danny, was that girl whining because I wouldn't let her sing in the microphone?" He replied, "Yeah, I said you were an asshole."